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We are not in the business of retail sales, yet we oftentimes run across very good deals on parts for your vehicles or motorcycles and items for your boat or jetski, such as great quality bilge pumps, OEM parts for your Harley-Davidson motorcycle, or other motorcycle on occasion, or common day-to-day items such as tool sets, hammers and nuts and bolts. 

Harley Davidson, sale, paypal, google checkoutt
We may have one fo these items, or we may have 10, so just ask and see if we may have it or can get it.  We make no guarantees as to how long we may have these items, if we may get more, or when we might get them.  So, it's pretty much a first-come, first-serve basis.Make sure you don't miss out and continue to check our Sale Items page often, bookmark it to check back often for NEW ITEMS!

Harley Davidson, sale, paypal, google checkout,
We will have link options set up for you to choose a payment method from for these miscellaneous sale items including paypal and google checkout.You may choose cash or money orders as well.  Checks are taken ONLY when pre-verified and it is a local bank.  When paying for mechanical work,out of town or out of state banks will have from a thee day to a seven day hold before completion of work or retrieving completed work.  You are welcome to use Paypal or Google Checkout for your MECHANICAL PURCHASES as well.

Harley Davidson, sale, paypal, google checkout,
We sometimes have a small supply of marine batteries at an affordable price, but they go fast when we run across them. At times, we actually may even have one of these for sale, but it's going to cost you!!  This one was NOT for sale, just one we worked on, but even we can dream here at RC's Master Troubleshooting! Just make sure to ask if we might have anything for your current needs or your anticipated needs.

One ONLY, so get it while you can!


HARLEY FLAG - 3x5 - TWO ONLY - Get it Now!

Super cool "flag" for you hard-core Harley Lovers

                                                             You might even get lucky enough to see one of these around for sale 

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